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By using the website, you thereby agree to certain conditions of use (as posted at, an agreement that also includes this HTML document, our Privacy Policy Statement, outlining the kinds of data we gather, what we do with it, how we use it and how we protect your your data and your privacy.

Privacy Policy

As a part of our Terms & Conditions of your legal, authorized use of this website, you agree to our Privacy Policy Statement (this document) which outlines what data we collect from our visitors and we we use it.

This website, and its managment, does not normally collect any data about its viewing users at this time.  However, this website does use such services that do collect non-identifying information about user traffic, including visits and return visits that is a part of our partnership with Google Analytics which allows us to see how we might better serve your requirements with the information and resources we provide.  To see what kind of data Google Analytics uses, see

We also use web services such as Google Fonts, which maintains statistical data on fonts used across the web, and user/usage data.   However, as a non-identifying font delivery service, it appears exempt from having a required GDPR.

However, when you contact us at through our online contact form, you then start interacting with us.  In order to respond to feedback, suggestions, inqueries and messages, we will maintain your contact data in our network.  Therefore, your personal contact data is a requirement in order to successfully submit our web form.

Upon contacting us, we will maintain your personal contact data in our own records, including on our telephones, in our email and the like.  Although these are not necessarily always encrypted devices or software, we do take precautions to secure your data away from any other private party.

Futhermore, we never sell, loan, give away or otherwise jeopardize your private information.  

Your private contact data is never intentionally used to send you unsolicitated emails, either.  The only regular emailings we maintain require that you sign-up for our low-volume newsletter and is only delievered upon your verified intent to receive it by clicking on a link through an email delivered to your given email address in question. On top of that, you may unsubscribe from that newsletter at any time using the directions at the bottom of each newsletter.

If you should ever want to discontinue our relationship, you may ask us to destroy all your personal information, including your contact info, so that we cannot argue our case or otherwise 'control your thoughts', any longer.

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