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Military-Alien Joint Industrial Complex Information

Originally known as MAJESTIC 12, this group has grown into a shadow government behind the scenes working toward a New World Order of chaos (perpetual war) under the guise of black ops.

Aliens Among Us

The US government has been working with an alien presence since the 1950's.  Unfortunately, MAJIC (originally the Majestic 12) went underground early on due to concerns about the alien races, their might, and their influence over primitive human minds.

Concerned officials within the government have been gradually leaking alien visitation information information ever since.  Eventually, the government started officially releasing alien occupation information to the general public in the hopes of a more open and communicative relationship since the 1970's.

However, the unofficial leaks and the official release channels have been closing since then, as the republican agenda to severly limit public education has devasted our youth and the result is an uneducated, biased, bigoted and racist nation lacking understanding or neighborly concern.  Donald J. Trump's rise to power in the republican party has become alarming to the alien forces not only here on earth, but in their celestial bases.

Omega Nigh

This is what it comes to.  Just what do I mean by 'Omega Nigh'?  God declared to us all that He is the "Alpha and the Omega", or the 'Begining and the End'.  Nigh may be more recognizable to those holding "End is Nigh" signs, but the message is clear, the 'End is Near'.

People have been holding those signs throughout the last centuries, but there frequency has never been so prominent in recent times.  Omega is Nigh!

Because if we do not act now to save our planet, turn humanity around and become neighborly to each other, revel in the brotherhood of man by demanding to progress and improve the generations behind us, to build on the future and not simply rape the earth of its  valuable resources now, we will most certainly lose it to a power that values this world more than we do.

That is what is at issue, now.  Not whether or not they are real, but whether or not they can simply watch as we continue to prepare to do ourselves in.  Their presence has become increasingly interactive with our military, often rectifying situations and issues.

Instead of concentrating on who, this site's focus is why.  Because this message is more important than any other.  The aliens simply aren't going to allow us to destroy the earth and take ourselves out in the process.  A dead or dying planet is not as potentially useful to them, or anyone else, especially ourselves (as our own government hides from us the technologies mankind requires to save it).  

Due to the overwhelming mob mentality and bias that is still previlant in this country, the US government and NASA cannot justify making this alien presence public knowledge and commonly cite the Brooking Report that indicates the human race would be thrown into mass panic with overwhelming consequences, such as the suicidal "War of the Worlds" broadcast incident that put our ignorance under a microscope.  It simply isn't an option when racism is so prevalant, so obvious in our country.  However, since then, the government has utilized that ignorance, racism, as a means to an end.  Unfortunately, it may well mean our own end.

Thus begins this website's mission.  Please give us time to update it and get the word out as we investigate how top turn the world around without outside influence, before it's too late. logo (Military-Alien Joint Industrial Complex information)

The Military-Alien Alliance

Obviously, we cannot detail the truth we do not know.  However, we believe the witnesses and their accounts presented within this website, we are simply retelling their truths.  Our reports come from all over the internet and include theories and conjecture.  However, we know that we are not alone and upon careful examination of this website and its stories, we believe you will know the truth, as well.  We are under seige by a controlling shadow government that uses advanced reverse engineered technology to keep us dumb and leverage consumerism against us.

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We are not affiliated with the Military-Alien Joint Industrial Complex, this site merely reflects the current obviously miserable state of affairs with black ops & relays how this shadow government thinks it is pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans by keeping us 'in the dark' using ridicule and logic dismisal to privatize power & technology even though mankind's very survival depends on the proliferation of these advanced technologies.