About the website...
The original members, the MAJESTIC-12,
created the secret orgination, MAJIC, aka: Military-Alien Joint Industrial Complex which evolved into the current corrupt shadow goverment, siphoning off trillions in US dollars, the Military-Alien Joint Industrial Complex, mentioned without the 'unbelievable' Alien reference, by Presidents Isenhower & Kennedy, so as not to alarm US Citizens or the world population.  
This site documents that story.

The Truth

Posted March 18th, 2016

This is an entertainment website designed to bring-out the truth, that we are failing each other as humanity and destroying the world we live in for our children, their children, and beyond...


There is no way around the truth, we are raping our land and exhausting our resources purposely, poluting the environment to the degree that there may not be a return to civility for the human race.

This is the truth, and despite our knowledge of it, we cannot stop bickering amonst ourselves long enough to realize that we are commiting the human race, all of us, to complete and utter genacide.  And quite frankly, it is the absolute suicide of ourselves as the community of mankind.

STOP.  Think.  The truth is here, not on any website, but deep in your soul.  

Let it live!

Learn Compassion. Learn Humanity.

This website is an entertainment website that presents facts, knowledge, testimony and poses a wide variety of possiblities, conjecture and ideas in an attempt to allow humanity to open up, become receptive, stop living in denial and make the world understand that "the sins of the father are revisited by countless generations" not as a curse upon the child, but out of the lasting effects of ancestorial irresponsibility. 

We attempt to do this in an entertaining way, by opening the human consciousness up to reality, science, evolution and faith.
Although this website is offered in a news magazine format, and uses news worthy events and sources in order to invite the viewing visitor to open their mind to the possibilities of universal life, even amonst dimensional plains in wildly different multiverses, its ultimate goal is to get humanity thinking and caring about its own human lives throughout the generations, and becoming cognisant of its own actions, their effects and the individual responsibilities required to avoid dire consequences and in fact, doom, for its own bloodline for generations to come. Therefore, even though we offer legitimate news stories and bonafide interviews, we do so with our own opinions and insights in order to get people to think.  
Think about the world you are leaving. At least, your corner of it, and be concerned. Do not pollute it with propaganda or lies. Work together. Do not allow your children to suffer.
Every change to your DNA will be a curse on every generation that procreates from you at that point.  People, human beings just like you are drinking lead in their water because government officials want to save a buck.  
Farmers are working hard to feed the world, but losing sight of their neighbor's health by indirectly dumping genetically engineered pesticides and weed control chemicals into our rivers, streams and lakes, polluting the life there, and our ability to live off the land.
Corporations pump carbon into the air and dump chemicals into the land, which reaches our underground aquifers and poisons our well water.
No pipeline has ever not leaked.  Not one.  
Improve your world!
&: #VOTE.


We are not affiliated with the Military-Alien Joint Industrial Complex, this site merely reflects the current obviously miserable state of affairs with black ops & relays how this shadow government thinks it is pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans by keeping us 'in the dark' using ridicule and logic dismisal to privatize power & technology even though mankind's very survival depends on the proliferation of these advanced technologies.